BABBA/WCO past issues - articles indexed by author:

Most of the authors (except for me - I wrote most - and edited every - article in the magazines):

Ramin Akhbari: Message Network Insights, FxNET: A network of a different color.

William Anderson: Book Review: Legal Advice for Software Developers.

Tony Andrews: The OGG-NET Network.

Andre Bacard: An Insider's view of Radio Talk Shows, Book Review: Computer Privacy Handbook, EFF Moves to Bay Area, FAQ: Anonymous Remailers, Once Upon an EFF Meeting, PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), Question about PGP.

Cynthia Dyer-Bennet: The Political Correctness Police.

Ross Bernhiem: Mac and Back, When the Law Meets Cyberspace.

Julie Bort: PC Buyers Regret Skimping.

Craig Borysowich: Will IBM ever Win?

Tom Boyles: Modems with a Mission, Modems with a Mission # 2, Starting your own BBS.

Jeff Brock: The Virtual Valley Community Network.

Lawrence Brown: Amiga Update, Amiga Update # 2.

Peter Conrad: From the Shell.

Denny Costello: An overview of RIP.

Kathleen Creighton: Usenet Health Help, Web Sightings.

Tony Curro: Review: HyperAccess for Windows, Reviews: Paradox and Falcon, Review: QmodemPro for Windows.

Michael Devlyn: Thirty Million Penguins, Who's Succeeding on the Internet and How?

Rahul Dhesi: Question about the Unix Shell.

Donovan Dillon: ISDN: What is it - Really?

Kevin Elliot: Internet Relay Chat, Internet Relay Chat - Installing.

Omar Eljumaily: Searching for Reality - Virtually, Usenet - Rags to Riches?

Jeff Evans: Hacking 101.

Mike Evans: BBS Door game: Tradewars 2002, BBS Door game: Freshwater Fishing, BBS Door game: The Pit, BBS Door game: BBSopoly.

Gina Faber: Hello World (Wide Web), Netscape Escape Tips.

Gary Franz: Quicken 5 for the MAC.

Michael Fremont: Internet's Talk Radio, Where to Web.

Jon Frisby: GeoWorks Ensemble 2.0.

Carlos Garcia: BBS Doors, Computer Literacy and the Java Man.

Trudy Grable: LINCS Online - Parents Helping Parents.

Raymond Gwinn: Vmodem for OS/2.

Dick Harding: Software Review: Chief Architect.

Wolfgang Henke: Spot the Roadblock - it ain't the modem.

Bob Hogg: The Hayes Optima 288 V.FC modem.

Robert Holland: Dullsville - Computer Animation, Email/WWW Show '95, Highway Asphalt, I'll be the Judge of That, Online without the Internet, VGA Planets.

Jeff Hunter: Book Review - Creating Successful Bulletin Board System, The Bay BBS Review, The Bay BBS Review #2, The Bay BBS Review #3.

Julia Hutton: What ever happened to PC-SIG?

Kenny or Diane Jones: Child Safety, Ode to a Dead Hard Drive, Online Libraries.

Rebecca Angeli-Just: Banking with your Modem.

Randy Just: Alternative Operating Systems for a BBS, Alternative Operating Systems for a BBS - Part 2, Creating a Low-Cost Multi-User BBS With UNIX/dBASE software on the IBM PC, Internet Email Servers, Linux for Communications, Message Networks and BBS Event Processing, Question about PCBoard and UUencoded messages, Programming Standards, Usenet on your BBS - Part 1, Usenet on your BBS - Part 2.

Jack Kolman: Novell Network Tips.

Steve Kong: The New Superhighway?, DinoSaver, Windows 95, BBS Software of the Month: WAFFLE, Usenet on a Waffle BBS.

Ken Krechmer: New Modem Technologies-Including V.34.

The League for Programming Freedom: Against Software Patents.

Jeffrey Levine: Operating System review: Novell DOS 7.0.

Ron Levine: Sheriff's On Line Information System.

A. Lizard: Net-mail Corner - UUEncoding, What's Wrong With Skipjack,

Annette Loudon: Overhyped Reality.

Kevin Lynn: A great Internet Book, BOB - The Social Interface, DRAM Memory Modules Predictions, Hardware Upgrades, Kevin Lynn's favorite Used Bookstore, Old memory - new uses, PCMCIA - Now in Laptops, Soon on your Desk?, Stacker 4 update, The Mechanics of Memory, Upgrade Mania, Will PCMCIA Memory Cards replace Hard Disks?

Joseph Magdalena: Welcome to the Online World.

Dan Majhor: ISDN on your BBS?.

Jeff Masnaghetti: Let's Build a Better Modem.

Timothy May: The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto.

Dave McClure: Online Mythology.

Jim Meisler: Sysop Corner.

Raaj Menon: Multimedia Update: CD-ROM Drives, Multimedia Update: COMDEX Spring Report, Upcoming Multimedia CD Releases.

Richard Milewski: Fax Vobiscum (May Fax be with You).

Hugh Miller: PGP: The Phil Zimmermann Legal Defense Fund.

Jesus Monroy, Jr.: FYI: Wireless Data, FYI: Wireless Data #2, FYI: Wireless Data #3, FYI: Wireless Data #4, FYI: Wireless Data #5, WCO Interviews Metricom's Brian Salisbury.

Julio Monroy or Jon Syrstad: Software Bridges, The 16550AFN Buffered I/O Chip.

Kevin Morris: v5.0 - The best FLIGHT SIMULATOR Yet!.

George Ouzts: BBS of the Month: The Travel Connection!.

Paul Pearson: Macintosh Cross-Platform Operating Systems - Bedrock or Quicksand?

Jennifer Pennington: Cold Machines, Warm Hearts (Amnesty International).

Mauricio Pineda: BBS Software of the Month - PCBoard.

Thomas Pitre: Access to Information, Class Dismissed, Software Agents, The Computer as an Artifact, The Educational Update, The Internet Corner - FTP, The Internet Corner - Archie, The Internet Corner - The Big Dummy's Guide, Through the Glass, Darkly, Who Uses the Net?.

Steve Pomerantz: Telegrafix drops RIP bombshell.

Marvin Raab: On-line Social Gatherings.

Gary Ray: Finding It, The Buddhist Ethics of Cyberspace, The Quest for Files, The Tiger Team BBS, Wildcat! Version 4.0.

Alex Riggs: File Extension Definitions.

Jim Robertson: What does the Internet mean to you?

Bill Rockefeller or Ed Ng: Starting a Multi-Line BBS, Writing CD-ROMs?

Kristen Ruggio: An introduction to MUD.

Ken Sharer: Be a CNE for thousands less.

Scott Shultis: Domain Names, Navigating the Shell, TCP Tips.

Sheila Siden: RadioNet.

Daniel Smith: TV or the Net?

Chuck Spear: X00 - What is it? - Why use it?, BBS of the Month: The Fox_Hole.

Dave Spensley: BBS of the Month: Uncle D's Directory.

Ron Stein: Accept Credit Card Payments?, Making Music with your Mouse.

Robert Stewart: Filmservs, Listservs - The Joys and Sorrows, New Web Browsers, POP: Windows Email Made Easy, Speaking HTML- A book review, The Adman Cometh, The Multimedia Tea Party, Writing for the Web, HTML Editors for Windows.

Michael Strangelove: A Catalyst for Change, The Geography of Consciousness.

Bill Strouse: The United Sysops Association.

Brad Templeton and Gene Spafford: Dear Emily Postnews.

Eric Theise: Not on the Internet?, Not on the Internet? - part 2, PNLInfoBrowser, a Gopher+ Client.

Sam Thompson: New BBS Expo Debuts in DC.

Chris Toth: Power BBS v4, Setting up a Windows BBS, Telneting with PBBS, Windows Communication Tips, Winsock Programs.

Fred Townsend: Ask Fred #1, Ask Fred #2, Ask Fred #3, Ask Fred #4, Ask Fred #5, Ask Fred #6, Are you looking SCSI Lately?, Are you looking SCSI Lately? - Part 2, Are you looking SCSI Lately? - Part 3, Are you looking SCSI Lately? - Part 4, Are you looking SCSI Lately? - Part 5, Bill's Place, COMDEX 94, Finding Uploads, ISDN in Milpitas?, Modem Shareware, Modem Setups, Speed Bumps on the Information Highway, Sysop Ravings, Sysops: Why cut your own throat?, The NS16550AFN chip - Do you need it?, Tuna Helper in a Box?, Who is Fred?, Will the Real Bad Guy, Please stand up.

Hank Volpe: The "Hankie" awards.

Chris Ward: Internet Access.

Richard Wolinsky: The Nature of the Web, Wine-lovers take to the web.

Mike Woltz: Spitfire BBS software.

Allen Woolley: RIP Graphics: Making BBSs User-Friendly, BBS Software of the Month: Wildcat!.

Al Wromke: Book Review: Find it Online.

Jason Yates: Communication Hardware Requirements.

Matt Young: Talking by Modem, Multiple BBS Connections using Packet Switching/Rate Adaption.

Richard Ziegler: A BBS Glossary.

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